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Infratech now offering MSAPR (NOx) Emission testing

Infratech is now offering MSAPR Part 2 (Stationary Engines) Testing. Our technicians are trained in testing all types of Rich Burn, Lean Burn, and Turbine Engines for:

  • Initial Performance Testing
  • Emissions Checks

Now you can have not only your regulatory fugitive emission inspections and compressor vent inspections performed, but also have your stationary spark engines (compressors, generators, turbines) NOx emission test completed at the same time.

  • All testing is completed using the ASTM 6522-11 testing standards.

All reports include

  • O2 Corrected NOx measurements (PPMVD15%)
  • All pre and post-testing calibration reports
  • Complete testing data for the client’s reference

Speak with our Service Manager about combining this with our other services (LDAR, IR Imaging, Combustion Inspection, Ultrasonic Leak Detection) for mobilization cost reductions.