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Infratech: World class in every way

Infratech, a customer-focused Whitecourt, Alberta, company founded in

1987, provides world-class combustion process and incineration-related products and specialized technical services to a global client base.

Infratech manufactures its products to exacting specifications, creating application-specifc incinerator designs and cost-efficient, environmentally sensitive combustion solutions for solid, liquid and gas waste applications. The company provides a variety of incinerator configurations, plus state-of-the-art infrared imaging and thermographic consulting services, including industry-leading infrared gas-leak detection services.

Infratech is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, which provides products and services for customers across Canada and worldwide, with orders going to Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan, the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Venezuela the Caribbean and the United States.

For the Canadian oil and gas industry, Infratech�s Whitecourt base is a central location to serve customers effectively. �Within a 4.5 hour radius of Whitecourt, we can be in places like Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Fort St. John, Calgary and everywhere in between,� explains Infratech vice-president Dan Guenette.

Incineration Equipment Design & Manufacture

Whether for a gas waste stream in Alberta, camp waste on a drilling platform in Russia or pathological waste in Mexico, all Infratech incinerators are designed to the client specific application, minimizing auxiliary fuel-use requirements, reducing emissions and optimizing the combustion process. �We don�t provide a generic solution, and therefore our equipment is more efficient, Guenette says.

All of Infratech incinerators are manufactured to meet the most stringent codes and specifications, using leading-edge and best-available technologies. The standard incinerator package includes PLC technology, allowing for fully automated operation. The control philosophy can be tailored to suit the required process and always includes all required safety systems and devices. FAST FACTS for any regulatory audit that might occur. �We are a leader in fugitive emission management services in western Canada,� Guenette says.

The leading-edge GasFindIR camera that Infratech uses is an infrared imaging camera that acts as a portable inspection system to detect gas leaks quickly and easily. Infratechs certified technicians can scan large areas of equipment throughout a facility and identify gas leaks with pinpoint accuracy. The portable Hi Flow Sampler allows Infratechs technicians to accurately measure gas-leak rates. With gas-leak quantification, a complete, economical analysis will determine the payback period of each leak, and assist in planning maintenance and repairs.

Infrared Inspection Services

Infratech has been providing specialized infrared inspection services to industry in Canada since 1987. It was the company�s main focus when it was founded and something they still take a lot of pride in doing well. They specialize in electrical, heat loss/refractory condition, and refinery and gas-plant production furnace tube coil inspections. The production furnace tube coil inspection application is the most demanding and challenging for the equipment and the technician, as the technician scans and reports tube surface temperatures of the tube coil while the furnace is operating under normal loads. No shutdown is required for this inspection. �It provides the client with essential predictive maintenance information as to how the furnace is actually operating, and what upcoming maintenance or operational changes may be required to keep the furnace running in its optimal range. Over the years, we�ve perfected this service and are considered the leaders in Canada, completing services at gas plants and refineries across Canada.�

Other Services

Infratech also provides contract operators and technical personnel to the industry, with a focus on high-quality individuals with an emphasis on ongoing industry training. In addition, they have in-house engineering and drafting to supplement their designs and fabrication, and therefore also provide drafting and design services to clients.

A Relentless Focus on Quality

We have got what we would consider to be absolutely top-notch staff, Guenette says, as he describes the companies approximately 40 workers. They take ownership in what they do, and care about the client and about the outcome of the service or product. The other thing is the direction the company has always taken striving for the best-quality product or service in the industry. We are not really interested in being second best at anything. We put a lot of extra effort into making sure we can provide the client with the best service, the best results and the best product at the end of the day, period. These are just a few of the reasons that Infratech has realized consistent growth and stability year after year. We have been able to do that because of our focus on the client, Guenette says. Infratech is planning on maintaining their existing client base with quality services and products, and looking forward to exciting new challenges as their services and product ranges continue to expand to meet the needs of changing markets.

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