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Infratech gas waste incinerators and thermal oxidizers are designed to meet applicable emission and ground level concentration regulations.  Our designs ensure a predictable Destruction Efficiency and substantially reduced auxiliary fuel consumption requirements. Our continuous duty gaseous waste incinerators/oxidizers are designed to suit specific waste streams, waste volumes and process conditions.

The Infratech Gas Waste Incinerators & Thermal Oxidizers include many of the following standard and optional design features:

  • Free standing designs typically with no guy wires
  • Exit elevations to suit required GLC regulations and process conditions
  • Distinct burner configurations to suit the optimal fuel and waste gas introduction
  • Controlled combustion air supply to increase efficiency
  • Infratech burner design with CSA Approved Flame Safety & Burner Management Systems
  • Safety & remote interlocks
  • Simple automated operation
  • Equipment systems designed to suit specific waste gas streams and requirements
  • Well defined Destruction Efficiencies exceeding 99% is typical
  • Fuel trains to meet CSA B149.3
  • Stainless steel stack top exit cones
  • Adjustable operating temperatures
  • Castable refractory or fibre lined stacks as required
  • Ladders and platforms to sample ports to meet Stack Sampling Codes and requirements.


Incinerator/Oxidizer package optional equipment and systems including:

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems – CEMS
  • Multiple waste stream capabilities
  • Combustion air flame arrestors for classified area installations
  • Waste gas inlet flame detonation or deflagration arrestors as required
  • Forced or natural draft systems as may be required


Our in house Project Team includes Design, Engineering, Drafting, Project Management, Fabrication, Electrical & Instrumentation, through to onsite startup & commissioning. We are eager to review your gas waste incinerator or thermal oxidizer application, and look forward to working with you towards an equipment design suited specifically to your requirements.

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