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Solid Waste Incinerators

Infratech incinerators are designed to meet ever increasing and stringent emission regulations around the world, while incinerating a wide variety of waste steam to suit your specific application and requirements.

The Infratech Solid Waste Incinerators include many of the following standard and optional design features:

  • Skid mounted, packaged and fully contained
  • Air controlled dual chamber designs
  • Choice of fuel supply including for diesel, natural gas or LP fuel
  • Packaged burners with flame safety & burner management systems
  • Safety & remote interlocks
  • Simple one button automated operation
  • Equipment systems designed to suit specific waste requirements
  • Well defined destruction efficiencies exceeding 99% is typical
  • Day tank for liquid fuel storage
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel refractory lined stack as required
  • Adjustable burn down times and operating temperatures
  • Primary chamber loading door and over pressure safety switches
  • Multi-phase refractory lined chambers


Equipment package optional equipment and systems including:

  • Dual fuel selection capabilities
  • Waste oil disposal systems
  • Waste sludge disposal systems
  • Semi-automated hydraulic waste feeder systems
  • Semi-automated hydraulic waste bin loading & tipping systems
  • Wet or dry flue gas scrubbing systems
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems – CEMS


Our in house project team includes Design, Engineering, Drafting, Project Management, Fabrication, Electrical & Instrumentation, through to onsite startup & commissioning.  We are eager to review your solid waste incinerator application and look forward to working with you towards an equipment design suited specifically to your requirements.

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