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  • Founded in 1987
  • Leaders in combustion & incineration products and manufacturing
  • State of the art infrared imaging and thermographic consulting services



  • Incinerator designs are application specific
  • Provide cost efficient and environmentally sensitive combustion solutions for solid, liquid and gas waste
  • In-house manufacturing, CAD technology and dynamic consulting services



  • Combustion equipment optimization and maintenance services
  • Ensure fired equipment is operating to its maximum efficiency
  • Offered for boilers, U-tube heaters, line heaters, incinerators, treaters, etc.



  • Offer a unique view of equipment through the lens of our infrared camera
  • Able to inspect the condition of heater furnace tubes, steam generator/boiler tubes, refractory and electrical systems


Fugitive Emissions

  • Industry leading fugitive emission management services
  • Latest infrared gas leak detection system together with gas leak quantification instruments
  • Detailed reports enable clients to meet regulatory compliance


Contract Labour

  • Technical and operating labour service