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The Infratech Advantage

  • We were the first company in Canada to offer Infrared gas leak detection
  • Our staff are familiar and experienced with oil and gas production in Canada. We speak your language.
  • As we pioneered this service, we have seen what works and does not work. Our results are seen and proven in the field.
  • We are based in Central/Northern Alberta and are available 24/7

Gas Leak Detection

  • Our GasFindIR camera lets you see what you’ve been missing
  • Portable inspection system that detects gas leaks quickly and easily
  • Our qualified staff can scan your facility and identify leaks with pinpoint accuracy


Gas Leak Quantification

  • QOGI now offers the ability to quantify your emissions using emission video captured during your inspection
  • The portable Hi-Flow Sampler accurately measures gas leak rates
  • Through Gas Leak quantification, a complete economical analysis determines the payback period of each leak, assisting maintenance and repairs
  • The leak quantification data is reported in a format that can be used to report to regulatory bodies


Compressor Seal Gas Measurement

  • quick setup
  • No min/max vent flow rates
  • Flow measurement uncertainty of +/-  1 to 3%
  • Continuous data logging for the duration of the test
  • Detailed report available including graphing of all data points


Nitrogen/Air Leak Detection

  • Using the latest in Ultrasonic leak detection, we offer reliable pre-start-up Nitrogen leak detection (Gross lead detection) capabilities.
  • Find and fix leaks before flammable or toxic gasses are introduced
  • Leak check Nitrogen/air driven equipment to ensure proper storage and operation when needed
  • Scan compressed air distribution systems and save money on compressed air generation


Online Fugitive Emission Tracking and Management

  • Comprehensive Online reporting and fugitive emission tracking. Featuring complete overview Corporate Access, District Management Access, and Field Level Repair and Inspection Access.
  • Easy to use, Overview shows Interactive and live active leak graph, current emission stats and year to date savings, and 5-year historical leak values graph featuring annual totals and current annual levels.
  • Video of gas leak and digital still images
  • Pinpoint the exact location(s) of Gas Leaks
  • Complete an economical analysis to determine cost of leak
  • Confirm maintenance and repairs were completed effectively
  • Minimize emissions
  • Reduce production losses
  • Meet environmental reporting legislation

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Alberta Energy Regular – Bulletin

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – Best Management Practice – CAP BMP


Sample Video included with cloud-based report



Emissions viewed with the naked eye (left) and with camera (right).


Emissions viewed with the naked eye (left) and with camera (right).